The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life in humans.

Jim Fowler

Although it has been subject to much disturbance in the recent past, Los Peñasquitos Lagoon supports a variety of native vegetation communities that support a large number of plant and animal species that includes 35 sensitive plant species, 6 listed bird species, 5 listed reptile species and 1 insect species red-listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Please check some of them out below!


Los Peñasquitos Lagoon and its transitional habitats and uplands numerous species of mammals that range in size from small, medium to large. Mammals from each size range that can be found in the Lagoon include:

Small Mammals

Common Name: Ornate Shrew
Scientific Name: Sorex ornatus
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Common Name: California ground squirrel
Scientific Name: Spermophilus beecheyi
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Common Name: Deer mouse
Scientific Name: Peromyscus maniculatus
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Common Name: California vole
Scientific Name: Microtus californicus
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Common Name: San Diego pocket mouse
Scientific Name: Chaetodipus fallax fallax
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Common Name: Salt marsh harvest mouse
Scientific Name: Reithrodontomys raviventris
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Common Name: Desert cottontail
Scientific Name: Sylvilagus audubonii
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Medium Mammals

Common Name: Raccoon
Scientific Name: Procyon lotor
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Common Name: Striped skunk
Scientific Name: Mephitis mephitis
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Common Name: Virginia opossum
Scientific Name: Didelphis virginianus
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Large Mammals

Common Name: Bobcat
Scientific Name: Lynx rufus
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Common Name: Coyote
Scientific Name: Canis latrans
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Common Name: Mule deer
Scientific Name: Odocoileus hemionus
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